Faculty Introduction
          The Faculty of Medicine in Eskisehir was decided to open with the decision dated 13.02.1970 and numbered 670-1 of the Senate of Hacettepe University, and with the opinion of the Ministry of National Education and the State Planning Organization in accordance with this university and covering the last three clinical years of the medical education program.
          On the other side, a university with an autonomous and legal personality was established under the name "Anadolu University" in Eskişehir with the law numbered 1787, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 30.11.1973 and numbered 14728, and in the center of Eskişehir and according to the 6th article of the same law the Ministry of National Education Our faculty has been established by the opinion of the Organization and by the determination of the Inter-University Council.
          Eskisehir İTİA, which is the first higher education institution in Eskişehir, has been named as Anadolu University with the  Higher Education Institutions law numbered 2809 which was adopted on 28 March 1983. The 21st article of 2809 numbered law merged Anadolu University Faculty of Medicine with Hacettepe University Eskişehir Faculty of Medicine. Our faculty has been separated from Anadolu University and attached to the newly established Osmangazi University under the law numbered 496 which was published in the Official Gazette dated 18 August 1993 and numbered 21672. The name of our university has been changed to "Eskişehir Osmangazi University" with the law numbered 5379 which was published in the Official Gazette dated 06 July 2005 and numbered 25867. As of 2016, undergraduate and envi- ronmental specialization training is given in 43 departments and 55 science departments under the departments of Basic Medical Sciences, Internal Medicine Sciences and Surgical Medical Sciences.
          Our faculty, who are well aware of the health problems of the country, who can make good diagnoses, treat them well, apply preventive medicine, contribute to the development of our country and contribute to universal development, and educate physicians who guide them to scientific thinking, prepare their students for the medical practitioner whom our country needs. Also, the ones who will be successful in the specialization exams they will attend and the ones who can do academic work are gained knowledge and skills. Our faculty has given 4880 graduates from its foundation until today.
          Our faculty has been accredited as of 01.01.2015 until 01.01.2021. In our faculty where the Integrated Education System is practiced, PBL (Probation Based Instruction) sessions are being developed to improve the ability of our students to solve problems related to patients and diseases. Farabi (Domestic) and Erasmus (Abroad) Students and Faculty Exchange Programs are implemented in our faculty. We have a mutual agreement with 9 Universities in Farabi Program and 4 Universities in Erasmus Program. These exchange programs enable our students to study in different Faculties of Medicine. In our Multi-Purpose Center Microscopy Laboratory where 1 student is given 1 microscope, 200 students can be practiced at the same time. Our laboratory is also supported by monitors with CCD camera system.
          The Vocational Skills Laboratory has been operating since 1999 with the basic medical skills acquired on the models. There is a computer and internet facility in the Electronic Library and Computer laboratory located in the classrooms library. Medical Faculty Hospital has been ISO 9001 quality certificate since 1999. With a 1000-bed modern hospital, our Oncology Center, where not only Eskisehir but also our patients such as Afyon, Bilecik and Kütahya are sent to our Oncology Center and our 175-bed Heart and Chest Diseases Center opened on March 14, 2011, provides health services to the people of the region as well as providing the best possible education for our students.
          To educate doctors who produce information in a universal quality and who guide himself to scientific thinking who have a life-long learning attitude and ability and who like researching, participating, sharing and who have human values and profession ethics who know the health problems of the country, who can make good diagnosis and treat well, apply preventive medicine, contribute to the development of our country and universal development; to conduct scientific research at the international level, which is a preliminary plan for national merit; to provide the health services required by modern medicine with quality consciousness.
          To be an institution which is the leader at the national level with the quality of education, research and health services and which is  internationally recognized and which is open to current approaches and technological developments and which transforms the results obtained from scientific studies into useful and effective uses for the country's health and economy and which is with a team spirit, modeled on productive, shared and planned work.